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Student research supervision

Selected student research projects I have supervised.

Publications with students

Porn literacy education: A critique. 

Healy-Cullen, S., & Morison, T., The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Sexuality Education

Performing smart sexual selves: A sexual scripting  analysis of youth talk about Internet pornography

Healy-Cullen, S., Morison, T., Taylor, K., & Taylor, J.E. 2022, Sexualities

Youth Encounters with Internet Pornography: A Survey of Youth, Caregiver, and Educator Perspectives
S Healy-Cullen, JE Taylor, K Ross, T Morison, Sexuality & Culture, 26(2), 491-513

Using Q‑Methodology to Explore Stakeholder Views about Porn Literacy Education
S Healy‑Cullen, JE Taylor, T Morison, K Ross, Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 1-13

Resisting erasure: bisexual female identity in South Africa
Z Khuzwayo, T Morison, South African Review of Sociology 48(4), 19-37

The Role of Local Knowledge in Multigenerational Caregiving for Older People

MD Lestari, C Stephens, T Morison, Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, 1-21

Selected theses

Siobhán Healy-Cullen, PhD with publication


‘Porn literacy’ as pedagogy? Key stakeholder perspectives on understanding and responding to young people's engagement with internet pornography  (Co-supervisors: J Taylor & K Ross)

Ellie Roberts, MSc (Health Psych)


Giving up the "cotton life" for the #cuplife: a reflexive thematic analysis of asynchronous online discussions among menstrual cup users in 'developed' nations

Cassie Andersen, MA


Caught in a double bind: Young bisexual women’s sexual identity narratives in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Kaitlin Henderson, MSc (Health Psych)


Being the 'good' mother: A discursive study of breastfeeding women's experiences of accessing early childhood education in New Zealand

Belinda Lavò, MSc (Health Psych)


 “It’s embarrassing that my own body betrays me”: A thematic analysis of young women’s accounts of painful sexual intercourse with me

Sheralee Wootton, MSc (Health Psych)


Menstrual poverty and discourses of menstruation in New Zealand school girls' narratives : "It's just not a subject that comes up in talking"

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