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Qualitative methodologies

Contributions to scholarly discussion and development of methods and theory in qualitative research.


  • Nentwich, J. C., & Morison, T. (2018). Performing the self: Performativity and discursive psychology. In Travis & White (Eds.). Handbook of the Psychology of Women. Vol 1. (pp. 209 - 288). American Psychological Association. [Pre-print version]

  • Morison et al. 2015. Online research methods: Methodological opportunities for critical qualitative research in psychology. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 12(3), 223-232.  – Guest editor for Special Issue

  • Morison T., & Macleod, C. (2013). A performative-performance approach to analysis: Infusing Butlerian theory into a narrative-discursive approach. Qualitative Inquiry, 19(8) 566 –577. [Pre-print version]

  • Morison, T. & Macleod, C. (2013). When veiled silences speak: Reflexivity, trouble, and repair as methodological tools for interpreting the unspoken in discourse-based data. Qualitative Research, 14(6), 694 - 711. [Pre-print version]

Narrative Discursive Analysis Workshop

Rhodes University, September 2022 | To be used along with the handout containing data extracts. (c) 

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