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Queer Kinship:
LGBT parenthood decisions & family-making 

Project 1:

Book project & research community of practice

Principal Investigator, Lead Editor


Funded by Centre of Excellence in Human Development, University of Witwatersrand



Chapters co-authored by me

  • ‘Living two lives’ and ‘blending in’: Reproductive citizenship and belonging in the parenthood narratives of gay men. - Morison, T., & Lynch, I.

  • Focus on ‘the `Family’? How South African Family Policy Fails Queer Families. - Macleod, C., Morison, T., & Lynch, I.


  • Morison, T. (2015). ‘Non-conventional’ families. HSRC Review, 13(3), 32-33.

Modern Family

Project 2
Gay men's parenthood choices - An exploratory study

Principal Investigator


Funded by the Ford FoundationGender and Reproductive Justice Fund

The focus of this research project is on planned same-gendered families, specifically the parenthood decisions (i.e., the choice of whether or not to be a father and associated decisions) of gay-identified men. This research is underpinned by the principle of reproductive justice and motivated by the marginal position that these men occupy both socially and in research on fatherhood and reproductive decision-making.

Morison, T., & Lynch, I. (2019). ‘Living two lives’ and ‘blending in’: Reproductive citizenship and belonging in the parenthood narratives of gay men. In Queer Kinship (pp. 167-189). Routledge. [Pre-Print version]

Lynch, I., & Morison, T. (2016). Gay men as parents: Analysing resistant talk in South African mainstream media accounts of queer families. Feminism & Psychology, 26(2), 188-206.


Morison, T. (2015). Gay men and fatherhood in South Africa: A discursive study. Paper presented at the International Society of Critical Health Psychology 10th Biennial Congress, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, 12 – 15 July 2015. 

Morison, T., & Lynch, I. (2014). Same, different, or deficient?  Constructions of same-gendered families in South African mainstream media. Paper presented at the 20th Anniversary South African Psychology Congress, 16 – 19 September 2014, Durban, South Africa


Morison, T. & Lynch, I. (2016). Gay Men as Parents and Caregivers: Information for South African service providers. Information booklet. Pretoria: HSRC.

Morison, T. (2015). What gay fathers can teach us about feminism and parenthood. The Conversation 

Morison, T., Lynch, I., & Reddy, V. (2015). All in the Family: Fathers and family diversity in South Africa. HSRC Review 13(6), 21-23. 

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